Where do I start about the World Champs in Spain. Easily the best venue I have ever fished, full of fish from bleak, carp, carrasio and pommies.

Day one I drew 18 in E, started for the bleak, which average 36 grams each. Began shallow at 2.5m before going deep on a 4m whip loose feeding maggots. Managed around 280 in 2 and a quarter hours for 9kish then switched to fishing corn on the deck at 6m in around 12ft of water. Caught steady until the end with pommies and 5 carrasio. Weighed 23.300 to come second. We'd had mixed results in the team drawing some tough areas and we probably under estimated how close we could catch on the bottom.

Although we were 18 pts off winning we knew we had a chance, especially after the pegs we got 2nd day.



I was in A section in Mequinenza second day. A and B was full of small skimmers up to 6oz and bleak although smaller than the other bits.

Started at 3.5m on a gram float in 2.5ft of water and caught immediately. I've had bite every cast to finish with 644 fish for 20.840 and the all important section win.

The rest of the team had done brilliant and we scored just 16pts, bearing in mind they are 23 peg sections, winning the day and ending up 2nd. Congratulations to Serbia on winning 2 on the trot.

A nice bonus to come third overall and absolutely made up for James Dent on 2nd, what an angler!

Special thanks to all the Mark and Darren plus the helpers especially Frankie, Cranny, Simon and team chef Nathan Ramsey-Hughes.

A brilliant spirit in the camp all week, the future is bright with Cam, Matt and Denty showing us the way. Will is still in a different class and Steve is as keen as ever.

Groundbait used was 2xRivierre, 2 x fine carp, 1xGros Gardon, 1 x sticky TDR. On the whip lake and surface.

Thanks to Sensas for their support.

Stunning place to fish, saw lots of catfish, big carp and zander caught also. The venue is solid.

On the way back now with a sore head but will remember this for a long time.